Who are we?

A global community of critical thinkers

We are a community of 17027 members in 125 countries. Each of us contribute to and enrich our playground of ideas. Together we form a global community of critical thinkers.
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Project Organizers

The organizers are the core members of each working group. They are responsible for running specific projects, such as a webinar series or workshops.

Working group Coordinators

The coordinators have overall responsibility for their working group, they serve as the primary points of contact for new members or external partners, and they keep track of the group’s projects.
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Community Report Committee (CRC)

The CRC is an is an elected body of experienced YSI members. They advise the working groups and YSI Management on broad community developments and the health of the community. They also draft the community report.
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YSI Management

YSI Management is responsible for the administration of the entire community. Management also organizes large events, such as the YSI plenary and the regional convenings. Located at the office of the Institute for New Economic Thinking in New York.
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The Young Scholars Initiative is supported by the Institute for New Economic Thinking in New York.
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