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It’s the first quarter of the year! Now is the time to:


Apply for any open positions


Vote for the YSI Community Board


Ensure your profile is up to date

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Open Positions in YSI

Apply to become coordinator and vote for the board

Coordinator Position

Deadline extended: 6 May

Coordinators are responsible for the overall coordination of the working group activity, to develop and maintain strategic partnerships, and to facilitate the organization of projects within the working group. You can find a more detailed description of coordinator responsibilities in the YSI Standard of Operations

We currently have coordinator position openings in the following groups:

East Asia
Philosophy of Economics
Behavior and Economics

YSI Community Board

Vote by 6 May 2021

The YSI Community board is an elected body of experienced YSI members. They advise the working groups and YSI Management on broad community developments and the health of the community.

From 2016-2020, Asgeir B. Torfason, Maria C. Schweinberger, Melissa Vergarez Fernandez, Marcos Reis and Danilo Spinola served on the YSI Community Board, then known as the CRC. They guided many important developments of our community structures and governance processes. Together with the YSI Management team, this work is outlined in the State of the Community Report, which was prepared for the YSI Plenary.

The Election Process:
The YSI Community Board is elected in two stages. Between 16-21 April, the YSI coordinators and organizers elected the first two members: Christina Mosalagae and Lilian Rolim. Danilo Spinola, who served on the previous board, has been chosen as chairman. Between 29 April and 6 May, you are invited to help elect the remaining two members.

How to vote

Review the nominees' statements here and vote for your two favorite candidates by 6 May.

27 March

Info Webinar | Outgoing YSI Community Board (formerly CRC) and the YSI Management team discuss the State of the Community Report, review responsibilities of the Board, and discuss possible future areas of focus for community development.

31 March

Deadline for nominations to the YSI Community Board.

16-21 April

Round 1 | Coordinators and organizers review the nominations and elect two members to the YSI Community Board. Results announced on 28 April.

29 Apr - 6 May

Round 2 | The whole community reviews nominations, and elects the remaining two members to the YSI Community Board. Results announced on 8 May.

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Working Group Mandates

Keep an eye out for the release.

Mandates are set yearly and reflect the strategic direction of the group. This year's mandates are in the final stages of completion and will be released soon. Mandates are meant to inspire new project ideas.

  1. Review the mandates for 2020 here.
  2. Keep an eye out for the release of 2021's mandates!

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Make a good impression!

Keep your profile up to date

Make sure that potential co-authors, friends, and colleagues can find you!

Go here to check that your profile includes:

  1. A headshot
  2. Your up-to-date location
  3. Your up-to-date affiliation
  4. Any interests you hold

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