Currently leader of ReDe (Rethiking Development) a reading from for Colombian economic students sponsored by GIHPTE (Universidad Nacional de Colombia- Universidad de los Andes) Economist with a Master in Economics from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and a Master in Development Studies from Cambridge University. Worked 3 years full time and 1 year part time at the Colombian Minister of health’s office on the elaboration of technical reports about public policies and supporting technically teams in charge of the execution of policies as well. Worked as part-time consultant for the Colombian pension administrator and ACDI-VOCA (international development non-profit organization) proposing methods to characterize target population and evaluate results and processes. Taught advanced econometrics and political economy as a teaching assistant for master and undergraduate students at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Worked at the Ministry of Education of Guinea Bissau as a Fellow under the Overseas Development Institute ODI Fellowship scheme. Currently, leader for economic reactivation in the Women Secretary in Bogotá.

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