Roxana Vatanparast

Roxana Vatanparast is a Ph.D. candidate in law at the University of Turin, a Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Global Law & Policy at Harvard Law School, and a Research Associate at the International University College of Turin. She is an Organizer of the Finance, Law and Economics Working Group of the Young Scholars Initiative (Institute for New Economic Thinking) and an Advisory Board Member of the International Bateson Institute. In 2018, she was a Visiting Researcher at Sciences Po Law School. Her dissertation is on technology and global governance. In addition to her research, Ms. Vatanparast practices and consults on a wide variety of international legal issues in the private and non-profit sectors. She holds a Juris Doctor with a concentration in International Law from the University of California, Hastings and a Master of Laws in Comparative Law, Economics & Finance from the International University College of Turin.

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