Early Career Support

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As young scholars we are confronted with many challenges: publishing, teaching, the job market, work-life balance and institutional barriers. Often we face these demands alone and without much institutional or even moral support. In YSI, we gather resources to support each other in these challenges.

INET & YSI Resources

Tips for presenting your research 
By Lynn Parramore

Alumni of INET’s Young Scholars Initiative LinkedIn Group

A life in New Economic Thinking
Stories and advice from Rob Johnson, President of INET

Early Career Challenges Report
Findings of 14 interviews YSI conducted to identify the challenges that aspiring new economic thinkers face during their studies and while transitioning into a research-related professional career.

INET Collection on “Crisis of Conformity”
Academia—and economics in particular—has increasingly placed emphasis on measures of research “quality” that do more to narrow intellectual exploration than they do to produce good scholarship.

External Resources

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