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Money and Finance Reading Group

YSI Reading Group on Money and Finance

Start time:

August 1 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Reading group

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This reading group has been created to amplify and deep our knowledge on money and finance from a wide perspective that can embrace the complexity of money’s nature, thus, the complexity of the financial system and its dynamics. Moreover, as it was cleverly unveiled by Émile Zola in his book L’Argent, the first book discussed in this reading group, money and finance are rooted in every sphere of human beings (social, political, religious, personal, etc.), therefore, their inquiring and comprehension cannot neglect this this reality.

The reading group started with an initial selection of books proposed by Professor Jan Toporowski, however, the path we will walk together will be opened and determined by the interests and tastes of the group members.

List of Readings:

Zola Émile, L’Argent, 1891      Discussed

Schumpeter, J.A.S. History of Economic Analysis, Chapter 8 on ‘Money, Credit and Cycles’.  This chapter will be divided in two sessions. The first session will be on 25/01/24 and include sections 1 – 5 (From page 1040 to page 1074), the second will be on 29/02/2024 and include sections 6 – 9 (From page 1074 to page 1101). Discussed

Discussion of Schumpeter’s Chapter with the contribution of Professor Jan Toporowski. Discussed

Chick, V. ‘The Evolution of the Banking System and the Theory of Saving, Investment and Interest’ Économies et Sociétés Série MP no. 3 1986 and Arestis and Dow (eds.) On Money, Method and Keynes, Selected Essays of Victoria Chick 1992. Discussed on 11/04/2024

For the last session on Chick’s Paper we will have Sheila Dow. Discussed on 3 May 2023.

Toporowski, J. Interest and Capital The Monetary Economics of Michał Kalecki Oxford 2022, Part 1. Discussed on 30/05/2024

Toporowski, J. Interest and Capital The Monetary Economics of Michał Kalecki Oxford 2022. Discussed on 05/07/2024

Toporowski, J. ‘Marx’s Critical Notes on the Classical Theory of Interest’ in J. Dellheim and F.O. Wolf (eds.) The Unfinished System of Karl Marx Critically Reading Capital as a Challenge to our Times London: Palgrave Macmillan 2018. To be discussed on 01/08/2024

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