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YSI @ AKB Meeting

YSI @ AKB Meeting

Start time:

September 17



UFAL – Federal University of Alagoas, Maceió, Maceió


Panel discussion

How to attend

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The Keynesian Economics Working Group is glad to announce a group meeting at the AKB conference. Together with Aninna Kaltenbrunner (University of Leeds/PKES, YSI’s invited speaker), we aim to discuss emerging themes in post-Keynesian economics, focusing on recent developments of post-Keynesian literature and future perspectives. Young scholars are invited to engage in the discussion, bringing their ideas and research questions to receive feedback from everyone.

This activity will occur during the Brazilian Keynesian Association Conference at the Federal University of Alagoas, in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil, from September 17th to 20th, 2024. The Brazilian Keynesian Association will organize a Summer School from September 17th to 18th, followed by the Conference from September 18th to 20th. YSI will provide financial assistance to selected participants – priority will be given to Young Scholars attending both the Summer School and the Conference.

To apply for a travel stipend from YSI, please complete this form before August 18th

About the Conference:

The Brazilian Keynesian Association Conference (AKB) is a traditional conference that happens every year, and this year’s theme is “Rebuilding Citizenship: Institutions, Inequalities, and Development”. It draws attention to the need to consider ways and strategies to strengthen institutions and reduce national disparities, whether economic, social, gender, or racial. The objective of the XVII AKB Meeting is to promote debates on the possibilities of effectively addressing inequalities in Brazil, which includes comprehensive public policies and long-term measures that address underlying causes and promote social and economic inclusion, in addition to necessary investments in education, health, infrastructure, and income transfer programs. Reducing inequalities also involves combating discrimination and promoting equal opportunities for all Brazilian citizens.

Participants may choose between submitting an expanded summary or a full paper in nine areas. Authors with approved submissions will be granted accommodation during the conference upon payment of the seminar registration fee. Submission deadline is July 22nd.

For more information about the event and submission, please follow the conference’s official website: https://associacaokeynesianabrasileira.org/xvii-encontro-da-associacao-keynesiana-brasileira-2024/

The nine areas to be debated are:

Area 1. Gender and race

Area 2. Economic growth, development, and income distribution

Area 3. Method, economic theory, and economic history

Area 4. Microeconomics, industrial economics, and productive structure

Area 5. International economics

Area 6. Monetary and financial economics

Area 7. Public sector economics and social policy

Area 8. Ecological economics and sustainability

Area 9. Institutional economics