Become a Coordinator

Coordinators are responsible for the overall coordination of the working group activity, to develop and maintain strategic partnerships, and to facilitate the organization of projects within the working group. Interested in becoming coordinator? Learn more below.


Coordinators typically serve a two-year term, on a volunteer basis

  • Represent the working group, and serve as the primary point of contact towards the community, in particular new members, as well as external partners and YSI management.

  • Coordinate, support and facilitate intellectual exchange amongst all projects happening within the working group; review and approve new project proposals submitted to them.

  • Involve interested members and appoint new organizers who are interested in taking up organizational responsibilities.

  • Build and maintain relationships with mentors, external partners, and other stakeholders.

  • Take the lead on drafting the working group mandate, set the overall direction and strategic plans for the working group and develop new project ideas with working group organizers.

  • Maintain an environment and culture in the working group that is open, welcoming and productive as outlined in the YSI Guiding Principles.

  • Ensure continuity by sharing their experiences, expertise, and best practices with incoming coordinators and organizers.

  • Manage the working group email account, responding to inquiries from working group members.

  • Work with the Community Board and the Management Team.

Selection process

Once a year, members or organizers who are interested in becoming a coordinator may nominate themselves for open coordinator positions. 

The Management Team may conduct phone interviews with nominees before making a selection.

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