New Economic Questions

As the next generation of economic thinkers, we are faced with new and different questions. We need to reimagine what it means to ‘think like an economist’. 

Instead of starting from a technique that can be applied to every problem, we recognize the need to start from the questions. 

In 2020, the YSI community collaborated a challenge to identify 100 pertinent research questions. View them all below.

How do we make economics, and economies, truly inclusive?
Julie Nelson
Professor of Economics
What place does the current economic system give to uselessness, that is, to beauty?
His Holiness Pope Francis
How do we put innovation at the centre of the welfare state?
Mariana Mazzucato
Professor of Economics


  1. How can economics be made truly inclusive?

  2. Can economic systems of production, distribution and consumption fundamentally be just? – and to design it so transition to these systems is sustainable, non-violent?

  3. What place do current systems give to usefulness, to beauty?

  4. How can economics take in new insights that truly would enrich it as draws from other disciplines and stations?

  5. How to switch from value extraction to value creation?

  6. Recognizing biases inherent in its thought, is it possible to build a better kind of economics?


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