YSI @ Future of Central Banking Conference

May 26 - 28 2019



The role of central banks in the Western World has greatly evolved following the Great Financial Crisis, both in terms of the widening of their objectives (with notably the rise of macros-prudential policy) and in the conduct of monetary policy itself. Indeed, the balance-sheets' size of the most powerful central banks in the world have reached unprecedented levels, and with it the power of central banks, who are under increasing scrutiny of the public.

Against this background, is it desirable for central banks to normalize their policy (and shrink the size of their balance-sheets) and if so how? Should central banks "stay neutral" in the way they conduct monetary policy or should they actively orientate credit and money to sustainable development? Would a central bank digital currency help to achieve monetary policy's objectives? Should we change the institutional setup of money creation?

These are examples of questions that will be tackled during the Future of Central Banking Conference, which will be hosted in Talloires (in Annecy, France) from May 26th-28th. This Conference will feature speakers from both the academia (Louis-Philippe Rochon, Gary Dymski, Dominique Plihon, Mario Seccareccia, among others) and the central banking world (Victor Constancio, Ulrich Bindseil, Natacha Valla, among others). Prior to this conference, a special YSI workshop will be hosted by Keynesian and Financial Stability working groups during which these issues will be discussed in a smaller group format (more details soon!).

All applicants must fill the following application form by March 20th, 2019.

Successful candidates will be contacted by YSI until the end of March. YSI will offer accommodation and partial travel support for selected candidates. The partial travel stipends will be equivalent to within-Europe travel costs, but not restricted only to within-Europe based young scholars. Students will also receive a discount in the conference registration fee.

Questions regarding this event may be sent to the organizers through the following emails: kewg@youngscholarsinitiative.org and fs@youngscholarsinitiative.org

Time & Date

Start: May 26 2019

End: May 28 2019


Abbaye de Talloires

Chemin des Moines, Talloires-Montmin
Working groups
  • Keynesian Economics
  • Financial Stability
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