Green New Deal and its place in the history of progressive economic policy

November 10 2019

AustinUnited States


New Deal policies are “coming back”. This statement underlines two important aspects of the potential resurgence of progressive economic policy we witness today. First, the political and economic situation, though in many aspects different, showcases important similarities to that of the beginning of the 20th century. Second, although the current “Green New Deal” proposal addresses many issues absent from the original version, it holds on to the same principles. And although both of these statements carry a significant credibility, invite further scrutiny in the academic context. First, as a political label such as “Green New Deal” gains traction, it tends to create an impression of singularity, while there is a diversity of economic proposals that are attached to it. Furthermore, while New Deal policies have been recognised as the progressive economic policy package for today, this package is not the only existing option. To that extent, the field of progressive economic policy would greatly benefit from an exercise in historical mapping. In this pre-conference event, a group of senior and young scholars will discuss the Green New Deal and its historical significance.
The goal of the preconference will be to open potential ways of approaching the subject that could be further pursued in the discussions during the conference itself.

Time & Date

Start: November 10 2019

End: November 10 2019

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Thomas Ferguson


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Robert Pollin


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Michael Lind



AT&T Conference Center, The University of Texas at Austin,

University Avenue, Austin
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  • Finance, Law, and Economics
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