*POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE 2021* IAFFE Pre-Conference Workshop

YSI Pre-Conference Workshop @ IAFFE 2020

June 24 - 27 2020


The YSI Gender and Economics Working Group together with IAFFE is organizing the pre-conference workshop at the 29th IAFFE Conference


The YSI Gender and Economics Working Group together with IAFFE is organizing the pre-conference workshop for young scholars at the 29th IAFFE Conference. The workshop is designed to provide an opportunity for young scholars working on themes related to gender and economics to meet both senior feminist scholars as well as other young scholars from around the world and to discuss with them about the most pressing issues within our research field.
The pre-conference will comprise of two parts: the first, aimed at exposing participants to central types of thought and research in feminist economics, the second, to allow participants to actively engage in dialog with questions and issues raised in the first part.

Thematic groups will be oriented to cover some of the following areas:
Feminist Economics from Latin America
Labor Market
Care work / Buen Vivir (Relate with degrowth discussions in Latin America)
Human rights

After a series of short lectures on these topics delivered by senior scholars, all attendees will divide in smaller thematic groups in order to have an in-depth discussion.
In addition, during the IAFFE conference, the YSI Gender and Economics Working Group will organise a session to discuss the life and work of under recognised Latin American scholars who worked or works on Gender and Economics. Please kindly note that this is not a paper session. If you wish to present a paper as well, please submit your work directly to IAFFE before March 15th.
Please join and share your experiences!

Time & Date

Start: June 24 2020

End: June 27 2020

Local partners

FLACSO Ecuador

, Quito
Working groups
  • Gender and Economics
Project Organizers
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Cicero Braga

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Lygia Sabbag Fares

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Naomi Friedman-Sokuler

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Magalí Brosio

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Erica Aloe

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