The challenge to the USD: The future of finance in a multipolar world

A workshop on international money and finance

May 13 - 14 2022

New YorkUnited States

The workshop will take a comparative lens on the future of finance and the role the USD.


For the past decades the USD dollar has been the dominant currency and the centerpiece of financial globalization. Recent events have put the future of the globalized economy into question.

Of particular interest is the rise of China, the conflict in Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions, and the rise of cryptocurrency. From a geopolitical perspective we may be observing the first shifts towards a multipolar world and deglobalization. How do these developments challenge the preeminance of the US dollar now and in the future?

Location: INET Office on 300 Park Ave South, NYC & via zoom
Registration: Anyone 'in attendance' on this event page will receive a zoom link invitation. If you would like to attend in person, please register here.

Times in EDT.

Friday, 13 May

The challenge to the USD - keynote panel
Zoltan Pozsar (Credit Suisse)
Adam Tooze (Columbia University)
Barry Eichengreen (UC Berkeley) (unfortunately, no longer joining)

Reception for 10 Year Anniversary of the Young Scholars Initiative

Saturday, 14 May

Full-day student workshop

China's financial system
China’s repo market | Michael Liu
China’s payment system innovation | Isabella Cuellar
China’s Shadow Banking | Serene Fan and Sibaek Lee

The US, China, the Ukraine conflict and the 1930s -- Understanding international money with a comparative institutional political economy lens
Input by Aleksandar Stojanovic, Elham Saeidinezhad, and Jay Pocklington

Two decades of China’s RMB internationalization policy
Input by YSI NYU Shanghai Student research group
Michael Qichen Liu, Sam Wang, Yue Guan, Diana Mingyue Liu, Jennifer Chen, Paul Wang and Aleksandar Stojanovic

Discussion on open questions: energy, supply chains, inflation, central bank cooperation

5.30pm -- End

Time & Date

Start: May 13 2022

End: May 14 2022

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Elham Saeidinezhad

Brooklyn, United States

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Aleksandar Stojanović

Shanghai, China

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Jay Pocklington

New York, United States

External Presenter

Zoltan Pozsar

Global Head of Short-Term Interest Rate Strategy at Credit Suisse

External Presenter

Adam Tooze

Shelby Cullom Davis chair of History at Columbia University


Institute for New Economic Thinking

Park Avenue South, New York
Working groups
  • Finance, Law, and Economics
  • Financial Stability
  • East Asia
Project Organizers
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Aleksandar Stojanović

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Jay Pocklington

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Elham Saeidinezhad

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Heske van Doornen

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