LPFMI conference in Frankfurt and London | Financial Market Infrastructures

Financial market infrastructure @YSI

May 23 - June 1 2022

Frankfurt am MainGermany

Come join us on the global, inclusive journey to understand and make infrastructures in financial markets more useful


The Liquidity Project (LP) Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI) or LPFMI is building a lasting community on issues around FMI since 2018. Thesis is, it matters how these structures are set for financial markets to do its job, namely helping economic development by allocating capital.

We are set to interact with practitioners from both the public and private sector in Spring 2022 to foster FMI research (see below for more information on LPFMI). To this end, we are calling for action to attend in person up to two conferences (conference stream) and to follow online a research project as it evolves (research stream).


  1. Conference Mon. 23. with possibly until Wed. 25. May in Frankfurt, Europe, at the European Central Bank (ECB) Euro-Tower
  2. Research recording Thu. 26. or Fri. 27. May on the East Coast, North America
  3. Conference Wed. 1. Jun. in London, Europe, at UCL with the choice to start from Mon. 30. May

We are taking this opportunity to make use of a range of FMI events in May 2022 to built LPFMI spaces for us to interact (see bottom for complete list of all events).


  1. On both Mon. 23. May in Frankfurt, Europe, at the European Central Bank (ECB) before the EUREX Derivatives Forum and
  2. On Tue. 1. Jun. in London, Europe, at UCL after the WFE's Clearing and Derivatives Conference

we will be organizing one day events, taking advantage of the above stated industry get-togethers. Topics discussed during the conferences at this stage are, though surely won't be limited to

a) Innovation in FMI with subtopics i) PISA, the new ECB oversight framework for electronic payment instruments, schemes and arrangements to be enforced later this year and ii) FTX, a private crypto exchange with market cap of approx. USD32bn and its application to CFTC, a US financial market regulator to change rules on clearing
b) G20 global standard setting on cross-border payments
c) more topics to come

A range of senior practioners from the ECB, Chicago Fed, ESMA, NDB have already confirmed their attendance. As we are approaching thinkers, this list can grow.

Prof. Perry Mehrling (INET & BU) and Robert Steigerwald (Chicago Fed) announced their intention to collaborate on a Money View CCP clearing house theory paper. A theory paper in the field of LPFMI would be a strategic milestone in order to facilitate our research agenda. LPFMI's goal is to document and make recording of meetings amongst the involved scholars available - to the benefit of the community.

We are hoping to make the Frankfurt event as the foundation of the London event, interlinking these two conferences with each other. It will be ok for successful applicants to attend both conferences, if they please. We are also in the process to secure access to the EUREX 24. & 25. May and WFE 30. & 31. May industry conferences after and prior our conferences respectively. Hence within a short period of time, you will be able to extend your FMI knowledge extensively.

Your application shall include the below points and be sent to gerhardt@kalterherberg.com

1. For Frankfurt & London until Wed. 4. May 2022 with feedback until Sun. 8. May 2022
2. For London only until 11. May 2022 with feedback until 15. May 2022

Limited travel stipends are available. Please indicate, if you are applying for one of the conferences only and if you are not planing to use access to either the EUREX or WFE conferences after or prior our conference respectively. Your application includes

  1. Your CV - for online only application sufficient
  2. Your motivation & fit to LPFMI topic max. 200 words for onsite application
  3. Open research ideas, which you have identified – beneficial but not necessary to your application for onsite particpation
    a. What are generally open research questions regarding
         i. liquidity problems in financial markets in general OR 
         ii. liquidity problems at CCPs or other FMIs OR
         iii. FMI problems in general
    b. In which ways would you contribute to above questions personally?

As some of you know, LPFMI is concerning itself around liquidity questions in financial market infrastructure (FMI) and is therefore open to all questions regarding
i. Liquidity problems at FMIs - this is the core of this project
ii. Liquidity problems in the financial system - this could be the next LP focus
iii. FMI problems in general - this includes innovation such as blockchain / DLT

The Liquidity Project Financial Market Infrastructure (LPFMI) introduction presentation
Liquidity Project Financial Market Infrastructure Q&A
Video: https://storage.googleapis.com/ysi-recordings/5d3760970a199f1460d78b4c/video.mp4
Audio: https://storage.googleapis.com/ysi-recordings/5d3760970a199f1460d78b4c/audio.m4a


    1. May & 1. Jun. 2022
      LPFMI seminar / conference
      Topic discussion; F2F meeting
      London, Europe

Time & Date

Start: May 23 2022

End: June 1 2022

YSI Profile Image

Bazil Sansom

Bristol, United Kingdom

YSI Profile Image

Aleksandar Stojanović

Shanghai, China

External Presenter

Klaus Löber

Chair CCP Supervisory Committee | ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority)

External Presenter

Froukelien Wendt

Indep. Member, CCP Supervisory Committee | ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority )

External Presenter

Robert Steigerwald

Senior Policy Advisor, Financial Markets Group | Chicago Fed

External Presenter

Chi 驰 (David) Zhang 张

Economist, New Development Bank

External Presenter

George Pantelopoulos

Lecturer, University of Newcastle (AUS)

External Presenter

Ivana Ruffini

Managing director of advanced analytics, FNA


European Central Bank | University of Warwick Shard conference center

, Frankfurt am Main
Working groups
  • Financial Stability
  • Finance, Law, and Economics
  • Economics of Innovation
  • Economic Development
Project Organizers
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Gerhardt "Kiko" Kalterherberg

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Maria Cecilia del Barrio Arleo

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Ádám Kerényi

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Nurlan Jahangirli

For questions, the Project Organizers.