YSI Pre-Conference @ IARIW-Bank of Italy Conference

YSI Pre-Conference @ IARIW-Bank of Italy

March 28 - April 1 2023


YSI Pre-Conference @ IARIW-Bank of Italy Conference


Deadline for applications: November 25th

The distributional impacts of monetary policy is receiving increased attention by policymakers and academic researchers. This interest began after the unconventional monetary policies pursued by the major central banks in an attempt to recover the economies from the negative impacts of the subprime crisis. These policies consisted of large-scale purchases of financial assets - which are mainly held by rich individuals. This raised a concern regarding the distributional impacts of these purchases. The research quickly turned its attention to understand also how the more conventional policies impact income inequality.

The International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW), in partnership with the Bank of Italy (BOI), will host a conference entitled “Central Banks, Financial Markets and Inequality”, in Naples, Italy on March 29-April 1, 2023. The objective of this special IARIW-BOI conference will be to advance our understanding on the various impacts of central banks and financial markets on measures of inequality. Prior to this conference, a special YSI event will be devoted to these issues. The aim of the YSI event is to bring together young researchers working on topics related to central banks, monetary policy and income and wealth inequality to steer discussion and receive feedbacks on ongoing projects.

Young scholars interested in presenting a paper at the YSI Pre-Conferenc are invited to submit a proposal (paper or extended abstract between 3-5 pages or 1500-2000 words). In line with the themes of the IARIW-Bank of Italy Conference, we welcome contributions covering the following topics:

  1. Channels through which monetary policy can affect the distribution of income and wealth, and its differential impact by gender, age, race, etc.
  2. The impact on inequality: conventional vs. non-conventional monetary policy instruments
  3. How income and wealth inequalities affect the transmission of monetary policy
  4. Monetary policy and the functional distribution of income
  5. Financial inclusion, financial literacy and inequality
  6. Indebtedness and financial fragility of households
  7. Distributional financial and national accounts
  8. Household wealth microdata: developments, administrative vs. survey data, statistical adjustments, asset and debt coverage to improve distributional analysis

As YSI is concerned with creating a stimulating environment in which to think critically about the economy, we welcome contribution from different approaches and methodologies.

We will select up to 6 young scholars to present their papers to senior scholars. Presentations (20 minutes each) will be followed by a discussion with the senior scholars. Moreover, we will select up to 6 young scholars to present in a poster session that will take place during the coffee break of the event. Submissions must be submitted until November 25th.

YSI will offer accommodation and partial travel support for young scholars selected to present their papers, and only accommodation support for those selected to the poster session. Decisions will be made until December 15th. In case of acceptance for presentations, full papers are due by February 28th. Young scholars selected for the poster session are not required to send competed papers.

For any additional information, please contact:
Sylvio Kappes (sylviokappes@gmail.com) Maria Cristina Barbieri Goes (mariacristina.barbierigoes@uniroma3.it) Giacomo Rella (rella.gia@gmail.com)

Time & Date

Start: March 28 2023

End: April 1 2023


To be defined

, Naples
Working groups
  • Keynesian Economics
  • Inequality
  • Political Economy of Europe
  • Financial Stability
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