YSI Panel - International Workshop on Demand-Led Growth: Money & Finance


July 24 - 27 2023


Young scholar presentations and a mini-course


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The 4th International Workshop on Demand-led Growth: "Money and Finance" will be held on July 26-27, 2023 in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

This year’s theme of the Workshop is "Money and Finance,” believing that monetary and financial issues can have long-lasting effects on economic growth and employment. There are many possible interrelations between demand-led growth and monetary and financial elements that will be explored this year: the effect of financial and credit conditions, indebtedness, and speculative bubbles to demand expansion, as well as the long-lasting effects of the financial crisis; The role of money and finance to income and wealth distribution and its interrelations with growth; The political economy of financialization and its relations with austerity and stagnation policies; International capital flows, the balance of payments constraint and macroeconomic policy space, among many others.
The Workshop intends to provide an opportunity for its participants to discuss these issues, focusing on monetary and fiscal policies and theory related to the financial system and long-term demand-led growth

This year, the Latin America, Financial Stability, Keynesian and Inequality Working Groups jointly with the Centro Internacional Celso Furtado and the Research Group in Political Economy at the Institute of Economics of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is pleased to invite you to submit your manuscript for YSI Pre-Session in the upcoming 2022 edition of the International Workshop on Demand-Led Growth (July, 19th). In addition to the paper presentations, we will have this year special sessions devoted to the reappraisal of theoretical foundations of Latin American Structuralism from a classical political economy standpoint. We encourage submission that broadly fall within the following topics:

Structuralism, classical political economy and demand led-growth
Demand-led growth, stagnation theories and stagnation policies.
Demand-led Growth, capacity utilization and labor unemployment.
Conflict Inflation, personal and functional income distribution.
Functional Finance and Modern Monetary Theory: implications for monetary and fiscal policies.
Monetary policy, monetary and financial channels, and its relationship with 'Autonomous Demand'.
Monetary policy: its relationship with structural change, implications for open economies, and perspectives in a post-COVID world
Endogenous money, supermultiplier and the monetary and financial determinants and constraints of autonomous demand;
Endogenous money, supermultiplier and its relations with speculation, bubbles, financial fragility, and financial in/stability;
Endogenous money, supermultiplier and macroeconomic policies;
Endogenous money, supermultiplier and its interrelations with the Stock-Flow and the Monetary Circuit approaches and typical post-Keynesian models, for instance, balance of payments constraint, developmentalist, neo-Kaleckian models, and others;
Endogenous money, supermultiplier and the open economy;
Analysis of the Decarbonization of the economy through the supermultiplier-cum finance;
The supermultiplier with endogenous money in a disaggregate (input-output) setting.

Time & Date

Start: July 24 2023

End: July 27 2023


Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Avenida Pasteur, Urca
Working groups
  • Financial Stability
  • Latin America
  • Keynesian Economics
  • Inequality
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