YSI - Economic History Graduate Webinar - Winter 2023

Online Economic History Seminars with EHES

October 2022 - February 2023

The Winter 2023 series of the Economic History Graduate Webinar

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To register as a participant, please fill in the form. To participate as a presenter send your paper or extended abstract to ysi.ehes.econhist@gmail.com before December 2.

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We are launching the sixth edition of the YSI-EHES Economic History Graduate Webinar this Winter. As in previous editions, we provide a platform for young researchers to present their ongoing work and get feedback from senior scholars. The online format has made exchanges from people from different regions and research areas possible, offering early stage researchers an important venue.

For these reasons we want to invite all young scholars working in Economic History to submit a paper (or an extended abstract) for our 2023 Winter series. We welcome all sorts of contributions, regardless of time period or geographic area, as well as qualitative or quantitative approaches. You do not need to be registered with YSI to apply but we encourage all young scholars to join the community.

Send us a paper (or extended abstract) and a CV to: ysi.ehes.econhist@gmail.com

The deadline for papers is December 2nd.

If you are interested in attending the webinar and receiving the programme, please register using this form (it is not necessary to register again if you did so for previous editions). The seminars will be held on Zoom and last 60 minutes on Tuesdays afternoon (Western European time) during January and February. We also encourage you to stay tuned for updates on the activities organized by the YSI Economic History Working Group.

See you online!

The YSI-EHES graduate seminar in Economic history is a joint collaboration between Maxence Castiello, Ana Catelén, Viktor Malein and Carla Salvo with support from The Young Scholars Initiative, from the Institute for New Economic Thinking in New York and the European Historical Economics Society (EHES). Organizational details are subject to change.

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17 Jan 2023

Webinar (presenter TBA)

First webinar of the 2023 winter series.

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