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Teaching Resources

INET Education

Changing the way economics is taught and learned INET ED is an online space for teachers and learners, to work together to improve economics education every where.


INET's Education Page

Other teaching resources

Exploring Economics is an open access, e-learning platform on pluralist economics. Here you can discover and study a variety of economic theories, methods and topics. The site is an incredible resource, we highly recommend it.

Diversifying and Decolonising Economics. Excellent database and resources to diversify curricula and overcome structural barriers in economics.

Oikos International Curriculum Change Initiative. Ongoing student-led initiatives to accelerate curriculum reform.

The History of Economic Thought Website. Created by Goncalo Fonseca, it is a timeless resource.

The Core Project. Free online textbooks and resources for a new way of teaching and learning economics.

Economy Studies A new approach to economics education from Rethinking Economics, the worldwide student movement.

Partner Organizations

We are proud to have many deep and longstanding partnerships.

UNCTAD: Joint Summer School with YSI.

CEPAL: Summer School organized with YSI.

EPOG+ Economic POlicies for the Global transition - Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

Trento Festival of Economics

UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Hans Böckler Stiftung IMK's FMM Conference and Summer School

Economy of Francesco | Scholas Occurrentes

Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik Umbrella organization of German student movement for pluralism and curriculum reform.

Rethinking Economics: Umbrella organization of international student movement for pluralism and curriculum reform.

African Economic History Network

Italian Association for the History of Political Economy STOREP

FT Alphaville

Forum New Economy

OECD New Approaches to Economic Challenges initiave | GENESYS

Future Earth Early Career Network of Networks: Umbrella organization of early career networks focused on sustainablity


Early Career Resources

INET Collection on "Crisis of Conformity". Academia—and economics in particular—has increasingly placed emphasis on measures of research “quality” that do more to narrow intellectual exploration than they do to produce good scholarship.

Early Career Challenges Report (November, 2021)

"A Guide to Writing in Economics" by Paul Dudenhefer

American Economics Association JOE Listings

Alumni of INET's Young Scholars Initiative LinkedIn Group

Tips for presenting your research By Lynn Parramore

A life in New Economic Thinking - stories and advice from Rob Johnson, President of INET.