Organizer Support

As an organizer, you can run your own reading groups, webinars, workshops, and other projects. 
This page outlines the best practices for doing so. 

What makes a good project?

Lead with a question

Rather than focusing on a specific method or schools of thought; let yourself be guided by your curiosity. What question are you hoping to answer with your project? Go here for inspiration if you like.


Don’t preach

Despite the inherent link between economics and politics, YSI projects work best when you use them to to educate yourself, not others. The community is setup as a space for learning, not for advocacy.

Operate under your own name

Anything you say or write should be done under your name, not in the name of the working group, YSI, INET, or another organization. This allows us to collaborate and disagree with each other freely.

Make sure it’s fun

Projects work best when they serve your personal curiosity. Ask yourself: if only one other person participated, would this still be worth my while? If so, give it a go.

Virtual Projects

Optional: invite a speaker

Here is a speaker invitation template you can use. Note that YSI does not pay honorariums to speakers. All senior scholars who work with us do so because they believe it’s important. Make sure your communication reflects gratitude.

Prepare your page

After you submit your project idea and get a coordinator to approve it, you can create your project page. Write a description for those considering to attend, and set a time and date. List any speaker who will be joining you, and add their bio. Check that everything is correct before you publish it.

Spread the word

Share your project page with your friends, academic network, related institutions, and mailing lists you have access to. Post to social media, making sure to tag YSI on Twitter and Linkedin. Do not share the direct zoom link publically. Participants can join from the “join” button on the project page.


If you have an external speaker, make sure you have explained to them what to expect, sent them the direct zoom link, and answered any questions they have. Ask them to dial in a few minutes early and make sure you’re there to meet them.

Host the zoom

It is your responsibility to help create an open environment that embodies YSI’s

values. The YSI community guidelines apply to all participants at all YSI events. 
Introduce yourself, your working group, and encourage everyone to participate.

Manage your recording

With any speakers’ permission, you can record your zoom. The recording will automatically be stored to the resource section of the working group(s) hosting the project. You can also request the management team to upload it to YSI’s Youtube.

Wrap up

Send a thank you note to any external speakers, as well as to your participants. Take care of any follow up. 

In-person Projects

Organizing an in-person project is a lot more involved than a virtual one.
They involve budget approvals, hotel bookings, travel, and more.  

For a detailed guide, go here. 

Still stuck?

If it’s a website issue

Chat with a YSI Manager on Discord, or contact the team at [email protected]. Please include a screenshot of the issue you are having – this helps us resolve it faster.

If it’s a general question

Join one of the monthly Q&A calls for organizers, and those interested in becoming organizers. These calls work like office hours. You can drop in with questions and get them answered on the spot. Others may listen in and learn from your question.

Something more tricky?

If you have concerns that you would rather not discuss with the YSI Management team, you are welcome to reach out to a member of YSI Community Board.

Danilo Spinola (Chairman)
Christina Mosalagae
Adam Kerenyi
Lilian Nogueira Rolim
Nicolas Aguila