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Nationality: Germany

Affiliation: INET

Student status: Student

Level of education: Masters degree

Field of Study: Economics

Joined: October 16, 2016

Jay Pocklington

New York, US

Member: Financial Stability, History of Economic Thought, Philosophy of Economics, Cooperatives, Keynesian Economics, Gender and Economics, Political Economy of Europe, Latin America, East Asia, Urban and Regional Economics, Africa, Core, States and Markets, Behavior and Society, South Asia, Finance, Law, and Economics, Complexity Economics, Economics of Innovation, Inequality, Sustainability, Economic Development

Coordinator: Commons

Organizer: Economic History

Research Interests

  • Credit
  • Currency
  • Economic Growth
  • Economic History
  • Finance
  • Financial Crisis
  • Financial Development
  • Financial Regulation
  • Financial Stability
  • Financialization
  • History of Economic Thought
  • International Financial Institutions
  • International Institutions
  • Political Economy
  • Political Economy of Development
  • Stock-Flow Consistent Modeling


Interested in financial history, in particular the German recovery in the 1930s. I follow the research of the Bank of International Settlements.