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Economies and societies are complex and evolving systems. Their dynamics, networks, interactions, and heterogeneity are what the Complexity Economics Working Group is interested in.

Complex systems science has revolutionized scientific fields from evolutionary biology to statistical mechanics, and economics is no exception. Where neoclassical economics emphasizes optimisation, equilibrium, and efficiency, complexity economics stresses adaptation, emergent properties, and robustness.

Some of the most important methods in the toolbox of complexity economics include agent-based modeling, network analysis, dynamical systems theory, and analytical methods borrowed from physics and evolutionary biology.

In the complexity economics working group we provide a platform for students and early stage researchers to learn and discuss methodology and insights from complexity economics and related fields.

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Some of the previous events we've done:

Eric Beinhocker Origin of Wealth Series
Santa Fe Institute Webinar Series featuring Doyne Farmer, Brian Author and Blake LeBaron
Agent Based Models Webinar Series

ECLAC Summer School 2018, Santiago, Chile
3-day workshop on Innovation, Economic Complexity & Economic Geography @ MIT Media Lab
Energy Innovation Academy, Florence, Italy
FMM Berlin: 10 years After the Crash, Germany
Lalics/YSI-INET Academy, Mexico City, Mexico
UFPR Summer School on Computational Methods and Agent Based Modelling in Economics, Curitiba, Brazil
ANPEC 2018, Brazil

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