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Welcome to YSI Urban and Regional Economics Working Group!

The Urban and Regional Economics Working Group explores the role of geographical space on economics and development, as well as the role of cities and the emerging importance of the political economy of urbanization.

Welcome to the Urban and Regional Economics Working Group!

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Our Activities

1. Webinars

The most common type of projects in YSI take the form of workshops or series of webinars that create dialogue among young scholars. Members of our WG meet regularly using web conferencing technology to invite guest speakers and discuss papers. This allows us to remain active throughout the year without geographical constraint.

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Previous Webinars
Webinar Series

Webinar Series: "Regional Resilience: How Cities and Regions Thrive in Times of Crises" (2019)
Over the past years a new catchphrase has entered the academic, political and public realm: the concept of resilience, a term destined to describe how a system responds to shocks. Originating from ecology, the notion is now invoked by economists to understand how regions or cities resist, recover or adapt to economic volatilities and changes: periodic recessions, financial crisis, global competition as well as more incremental processes, such as technological and structural change. Yet, resilience is complex concept and determined by a myriad of highly intertwined and path-dependent factors. Due to this complexity, there are still many more questions about the meaning and creation of regional resilience than answers. The purpose of this webinar series is provide multiple perspectives on regional economic resilience, to highlight the latest developments and new research frontiers. To do so, the webinar series will tackle conceptual issues, crisis contagion, the measuring and forecasting of recovery, determinants of resilience as well as the role regional policy to create resilient regions.

"Reconciling financial stability and economic inclusion across space" (2017 - 2018)
The purpose of this webinar series is to discuss the link between financial stability and financial inclusion from a spatial perspective. Financial stability and financial inclusion are often thought of separately by dedicated policy-makers and experts. Yet, they are two sides of the same coin. Furthermore, the solutions found to reconcile both objectives cannot be separated from local and spatial characteristics. The webinar series is jointly organized by YSI Urban and Regional Economics WG (URE), Inequality WG (IWG) and Financial Stability WG (FS).

Webinar Series "Innovation in a Regional Context" (2017 - 2018)
This Series aimed to discuss the role of Space at the Innovation Process as well as the role of the Innovation at the Urban and Regional Development, Disparities and Resilience. It was jointly organized by the YSI Urban and Regional Economics and Economics of Innovation Working Groups

2. In-Person Events

YSI@Diamantina Festival 2019 - Diamantina, Brazil, August 18-24, 2019

  1. Neither states nor markets - urban informality and perspectives for Latin American cities

  2. 10 years after 2008: Financial (In)stability, uneven spatial impacts and the dynamics of Inequalities in Latin America

  1. “The Economic Possibilities of Technology”. Sub-theme 11 - Regional Development Policies in Face of New Technological Paradigms.

  2. “Reconciling financial stability and economic inclusion across space”.

  • *Special Session: "Urban and Regional Development and New Economic Thinking" at the "17th Economics Seminar of Minas Gerais" - Diamantina, Brazil (September 2016) *

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