Become an organizer

YSI is what you make of it. If you’d like to take an active role in your Working Group, you can become an Organizer, and run your own Webinars, Workshops, and other projects. Coordinators are there to support you.

As an organizer, you...

As organizer of your working group, you will be invited to attend the group’s annual Mandate Meeting. During the mandate meeting, the Coordinators will welcome your input when it comes to the themes the group will aim tackle during the year.

Consisting of all organizers, coordinators, the Community Board, and the Management Team, YSI Core is the ‘inner circle’ of the community. Being part of it means you will be informed and consulted on important community developments.

If approved, you are invited to run your project from start to finish. Whether it’s a webinar, a webinar series, or a workshop, a project is a great way to make YSI your own. Initiating a workshop also means you are able to apply for a small budget to cover expenses and support your participants in their travel.

Before you apply

  1. Participate in a couple projects to familiarize yourself with the community.
  2. Review the Community Guidelines to understand how we collaborate in YSI.
  3. Identify the Working Group you’d like to organize with. Although you can be organizer for multiple working groups, we recommend that you find one ‘home’ in YSI.

When you're ready

When you’re ready, reach out to the coordinators of your working group to introduce yourself and let them know that you’re interested in becoming an organizer for the group. You can contact them on Discord, or via the email addresses below:

  • Africa: africa[@]
  • Behavior and Society: behavior[@]
  • Complexity Economics: complexity[@]
  • Cooperatives coop[@]
  • East Asia: eastasia[@]
  • Economic Development: development[@]
  • Economic History: eh[@]
  • Economics of Innovation: innovation[@]
  • Finance, Law and Economics: fle[@]
  • Financial Stability: fs[@]
  • Gender and Economics: gender[@]
  • History of Economic Thought: het[@]
  • Inequality: inequality[@]
  • Keynesian Economics: pk[@]
  • South Asia: southasia[@]
  • States and Markets: statesandmarkets[@]
  • Sustainability: sustainability[@]
  • Urban and Regional Economics: ure[@]

Note: our coordinators serve YSI on a volunteer basis, so there may be a delay in their reply. If you do not hear back after a week, you’re welcome to contact the YSI management team instead on either Discord or [email protected]

Your first project

The most common project types are Webinars, Webinar Series and Workshops. New organizers are encouraged to start with a Webinar, because it is the simplest.

You are also encouraged to attend a few webinars before hosting one. Browse them here:

A one-time zoom call to dive into a particular topic or question. Invite a senior scholar to speak or moderate a discussion among peers.

A series of zoom calls to explore a bigger question over a longer span of time. Invite a different scholar each time, or structure it as as a book-club, diving into different texts.

An in-person event around a particular topic of question. Young scholars can be supported in their travel costs if selected to present work. Senior scholars may be invited to give feedback. Requires budget approval.

Got questions?

Join one of the monthly Q&A calls for organizers and those interested in becoming organizers. These calls work like office hours. You can drop in with questions and get them answered on the spot. Others may listen in and learn from your question.