Local Hubs

While we use projects to explore research questions and collaborate across geographies, we use local hubs to connect with those young scholars who happen to live nearby. This allows us to brainstorm across research areas, and build community at local levels. 

There are currently active hubs in:

London, UK – Lead by Cecilia Rikap 
Berlin, Germany – Lead by Nicolas Aguila
Turin, Italy – Lead by Christina Mosalage
Mar del Plata, Argentina – Lead by Santiago Graña
Nairobi, Kenya – Lead by Timothy Bisakaya

Interested in starting a hub?

A local hub is an opportunity to build local communities across working groups. If the map tells you that your city is home to a lot of YSI’ers, you may be able to start one. 

The intention is to:

  • Allow for regular meeting opportunities (every 3-6 months) for old and new members to engage and reconnect across working groups. 
  • Offer some content (presentations by members, discussions, talks) 
  • Focus on social activities, getting to know people. 
  • Be easy to setup logistically
  • Only require stipends in special cases, and operate on small budgets.
  • Have up to 2 point persons who will take responsibility for organization and communication amongst hub participants. 
The intention is not
  • To advance specific research agendas or ambitious projects (this is reserved for working group projects)
  • To organize meetups that require air travel or hotel stays

For more information, and to get started on a hub, contact the  YSI Management team at [email protected]