East Asia Working Group


Join us to investigate the economic challenges and trajectories of economic growth in the East Asian continent, using an interdisciplinary approach. 

Ninad Mukherjee (Collegio Carlo Alberto, Italy)
Ryan Joseph Martinez (University of the Philippines, Phillipines)
Kosal Nith (Cambodia Development Resource Institute, Cambodia)



Research themes

  • History of economic development in East Asia
  • Industrial policies in East Asia
  • Labor markets in East Asia
  • Income, wealth, and gender inequality in East Asia
  • Financial markets and institutions in East Asia
  • International trade and finance in East Asia
  • Fiscal and monetary policies in East Asia
  • Law, governance, and corruption in East Asia
  • Ecology and sustainable development in East Asia
  • Impacts and responses of COVID-19 in East Asia

Research Question 

  • How can we understand the trajectory of economic development in East Asia from Japan in the late 19th century to China in the 21st century?
  • What is the role of the state in East Asia in fostering industrialization and sustainable development? 
  • What is the role of East Asia in a global economy from the past, present, and future? 
  • What are the characteristics of institutions in East Asia that help or hinder economic development?
  • How does the COVID-19 pandemic change the social and economic situations in East Asia? 
  • What is the role of financial markets in the economic growth of East Asian economies? 
  • What are the institutional specificities of the economic policy pursued in East Asian economies?
  • How do illiberal institutional arrangements affect economic development in East Asian economies?
  • What is the significance of fintech innovation in East Asian economies?
  • What are the possible future trajectories of RMB internationalization?

Projects Planned 

  • Webinar series with external speakers: green finance, energy economics, finance and sustainability, financial markets in China, debt crisis in East Asia, innovation and development in East Asia, labor markets in East Asia, industrial policies in East Asia
  • Reading group (online): Economy of China
  • Informal seminars (online): work-in-progress by young scholars

Existing partnerships and cooperation 

  • Shanghai Development Research Foundation
  • New York University Shanghai


You’re welcome to join any webinar or reading group at any time. You’re also invited to apply to present or participate in an any in-person workshop in your area. 



The latest updates and announcements, sent out to all working group members via email.
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