Economic Development Working Group


Join us to discuss developmental challenges and study a range of approaches, including Institutional Economics, Post-Keynesian Economics, Austrian Economics, Classical Economics, Marxian Economics, Structuralist Economics, and New-Keynesian Economics. 

Joao Pedro Braga (UFRJ, Brazil)
Thereza Balliester Reis (SOAS, UK)
Santiago Graña-Colella (National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina)


Mandate (2024)

Research themes

  • Processes of socioeconomic development
  • Methods to understand development
  • Global South theories of development
  • Colonialism, imperialism and post-development
  • Ecology, the environment and sustainable development

Research Questions

  • Is there only one path to development?
  • How decolonial perspectives change our view on development?
  • What is the role of Global South in economic development theories?
  • What is the role of power through history in socioeconomic development?
  • How to reach socioeconomic development with current environmental constraints?

Projects Planned 

  • Development talks webinar series
  • Reading groups to incentivize community building
  • Local network events and local hubs gatherings
  • Pre-conference workshops
  • Summer Schools

Existing partnerships and cooperation 

  • AHE (Association for Heterodox Economics)
  • SASE (Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics)
  • D-Econ (Diversifying and Decolonising Economics)
  • Research Cluster on Money and Finance (SOAS)
  • Rethinking Economics (RE), De América Soy (DAS)


You’re welcome to join any webinar or reading group at any time. You’re also invited to apply to present or participate in an any in-person workshop in your area. 



The latest updates and announcements, sent out to all working group members via email.
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