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project Series Event Series: Money View Symposium #4

Money View Symposium

Money View Symposium

Start time:

February 3 @ 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Perry Mehrling

Boston University

Speaker Image
Katharina Pistor

Columbia Law School

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Anush Kapadia

IIT Bombay

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Daniel H. Neilson

Bard's College at Simon's Rock

Speaker Image
Lucca Fantacci

Bocconi University

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Sébastien Derivaux

Cryptobanking scholar

Speaker Image
Iñaki Aldasoro


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Steffen Murau

Global Climate Forum

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Larissa de Lima

Oliver Wyman Forum

Speaker Image
Raphaele Chappe

DeVol Network


Welcome to the 4th annual Money View Symposium.

Access the full program here.

Over the past decades, Perry Mehrling has built on the British and American central banking schools to developed what he calls the ‘money view’. While economics and finance have oddly abstracted from the concept of money in order to focus on other problems, this minority view focuses on money and credit for what it is: a set of interlocking promises to pay and how these promises get settled. The money view therefore is in a unique position to restart a conversation between economics and finance, as well as theory and practice.

The fourth annual Money View Symposium will be hosted from 2-4 February, 2024. The symposium showcases the work of scholars and practitioners that make use of the money view, ranging from economists to lawyers, politicians and social scientists at large.

You can view our discussions from previous years no the YSI Youtube Channel.

Program (selected sessions)

Full program here.


Friday, 2 February 2024


11am Opening Keynote
A Money View of Inflation – The Fourth Price of Money
Perry Mehrling

12.30pm Presentation
On Par: A Money View of stablecoins
Iñaki Aldasoro, Dan Neilson 

2pm Presentation
Forging monetary unification through novation: the Target system and the politics of central banking in Europe
Steffen Murau, Matteo Giordano

3pm Fireside Chat
Katharina Pistor in conversation with Asgeir B. Torfason


Saturday, 3 February 2024


9.30am Book Talk
A Political Theory of Money
Anush Kapadia

11am Interview
Luca Fantacci: The political economy of tokenized money
in conversation with Daniel H. Neilson 

12.15pm Presentation
Digital Assets Learnings for the Money View Thinker
Larissa de Limam Raphaelle Chappe and Sébastien Derivaux

3.00pm Presentation
Bagehot’s Classical Money View: A Reconstruction
Perry Mehrling


Sunday, 4 February 2024


12pm Open discussion
The MOOC 10 years later
input by Perry Mehrling on ‘Treatise of Money View’ book project

1pm Book talk
Building a Ruin: The Cold War Politics of Soviet Economic Reform (forthcoming)
Yakov Feygin

Hosted by Working Group(s):


Christina Mosalagae

Alex Howlett

Mark Kirstein

Jorge Zaccaro

Shengbei Guo

alison touhey

Andressa Borges DAbreu

Ádám Kerényi

Hizkia Polimpung

Lluis Aragones Ferri

Mayank Chaturvedi

Ethem Sonmez

Jean-Philippe Bombay

Win Monroe

Roberto Ruiz Blum

Mathew Harris

Chris Rimmer

Rafaa Alnoor

Claudio Ferri

Ehsan Mousavi