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State and Markets in Co-operative Development: An Appraisal of African’s Political Economy of Organised Solidarities

YSI State & Market WG @ Moshi

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July 12

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Panel discussion

Virtual Project Virtual Project

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This  is a preparatory online event, for the in-person panel presentations  roundtable of early career researchers that seek to tell the story of co-operatives as bedrock of African solidarity. It captures modern co-operatives as cogent examples of organised African solidarities. As currently obtains in many African countries, co-operatives are offshoots of indigenous social solidarity initiatives with pre-colonial roots. It is on record that co-operatives played pivotal roles in pre-colonial and colonial African societies and were key instruments in anti-colonial agitations. Despite their historical significance, and to curb their relevance, colonial administrations imposed regulatory frameworks, leading to creation of dysfunctional co-operative political economies. In recent times, aims of African governments to harness co-operatives for sustainable development are encumbered by deficient legal and administrative frameworks. These anomalies persist, and perpetuates a cycle which hinders the attainment of full potential of African co-operatives. Although governance has transited from colonial administration to self-rule, dysfunctional foundations of political economy earlier laid for co-operatives remains largely intact. Thus many African governments approbate to partner co-operatives as partners for sustainable development. Conversely, the same African governments reprobate by maintaining deficient legal and administrative frameworks earlier identified. Furthermore, much of research and discussions on African co-operatives unintentionally ignores, the cogent rationality of the interface of politics and economics. This trend preserve the root causes of problems inherent in African co-operatives. Therefore, a roundtable is proposed to dissect and proffer remedial for the identified problem. This will be addressed from two perspectives: (a) appraisal of colonial and neo-colonial; and (b) Evaluation of the evolution of administrative and legal policies.

Keywords: Administrative policies, Co-operative development, State-politics, Market-economics, Legal frameworks

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Bryan U Kauma

Oluwafemi Awopegba

Ayub Kiranda

Juliet Marango

Jaina M Haran

farhad gohardani

Isaac Stanley

Sebonkile Thaba

shadreck matindike

Christopher Pomwene Shafuda

Ndirangu Ngunjiri

Stefan Chavez-Norgaard

Balongo Vincent

Ajibola Akanji

Davies Wambwa

mayumi tabata

Kisaakye Angelline

Omotola Osunkanmibi

Nicolai Schulz

Taran Alag

Thabo Huntgeburth