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State and Markets in Co-operative Development: An Appraisal of African’s Political Economy of Organised Solidarities

YSI State & Market WG @ Moshi

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July 12

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Panel discussion

Virtual Project Virtual Project


This  is a preparatory online event, for the in-person panel presentations  roundtable of early career researchers that seek to tell the story of co-operatives as bedrock of African solidarity. It captures modern co-operatives as cogent examples of organised African solidarities. As currently obtains in many African countries, co-operatives are offshoots of indigenous social solidarity initiatives with pre-colonial roots. It is on record that co-operatives played pivotal roles in pre-colonial and colonial African societies and were key instruments in anti-colonial agitations. Despite their historical significance, and to curb their relevance, colonial administrations imposed regulatory frameworks, leading to creation of dysfunctional co-operative political economies. In recent times, aims of African governments to harness co-operatives for sustainable development are encumbered by deficient legal and administrative frameworks. These anomalies persist, and perpetuates a cycle which hinders the attainment of full potential of African co-operatives. Although governance has transited from colonial administration to self-rule, dysfunctional foundations of political economy earlier laid for co-operatives remains largely intact. Thus many African governments approbate to partner co-operatives as partners for sustainable development. Conversely, the same African governments reprobate by maintaining deficient legal and administrative frameworks earlier identified. Furthermore, much of research and discussions on African co-operatives unintentionally ignores, the cogent rationality of the interface of politics and economics. This trend preserve the root causes of problems inherent in African co-operatives. Therefore, a roundtable is proposed to dissect and proffer remedial for the identified problem. This will be addressed from two perspectives: (a) appraisal of colonial and neo-colonial; and (b) Evaluation of the evolution of administrative and legal policies.

Keywords: Administrative policies, Co-operative development, State-politics, Market-economics, Legal frameworks

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Bryan U Kauma

Oluwafemi Awopegba

Ayub Kiranda

Juliet Marango

Jaina M Haran

farhad gohardani

Isaac Stanley

Sebonkile Thaba

shadreck matindike

Christopher Pomwene Shafuda

Ndirangu Ngunjiri

Stefan Chavez-Norgaard

Balongo Vincent

Ajibola Akanji

Davies Wambwa

mayumi tabata

Kisaakye Angelline

Omotola Osunkanmibi

Nicolai Schulz

Taran Alag

Thabo Huntgeburth

Ulrich Huntgeburth

Chikumbutso Godfrey

Nitul Nitul

Ruhikaa Ramalingam

Ronald Djeunankan

Carla Coburger