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Young Scholar Workshop on Communicating your Research on Cooperatives Effectively

Young Scholar Workshop on communication

Start time:

June 24 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm



University of Dundee, Dundee



How to attend

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The ICA CCR European Research Conference is an opportunity to bring researchers in the cooperative sector together to share resources and provide an opportunity to foster new connections for potential future collaborations. For early career researchers in this field, this is an invaluable opportunity to connect with others who face similar challenges in conducting research in this growing interdisciplinary field and one that is growing more urgent as we try to address the challenges posed by traditional economic thought.

The Young Scholars Program has been a collaborative organised between YSI and the ICA for over 6 yearsand it would be great to continue this great partnership. Together, we have organized workshops on 4 continents and have brought together over 120 scholars that have used the network to further their research. On the occasion of the ICA CCR European Research Conference, we will hold a 6-hour workshop for young scholars to share their varied experiences in the field. The workshop will be in-person and mainly focused on career development paths for scholars with interests in cooperatives.

The workshop will initiate with a seminar about the significance of effectively communicating your research, using social media, strategies for self-promotion and building an influential online presence. They will also introduce the use of research posters in academia and offer insights into crafting an effective one. Following the seminar, the workshop will become a laboratory activity to enhance scholars’ presentation skills and confidence in succinctly conveying complex ideas. A learning experience for all, especially since poster presentations are being the norm in research conferences across the world. Participants will dedicate time to developing their research posters.

The ICA CCR European Research Conference in 2024 will be an opportunity to bring together early career and senior researchers interested in cooperative studies, and reflect on the different paths for young scholars to apply for academic positions later in their careers.

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