10 Years YSI

Dear Coordinators and Organizers,

We hope you are staying safe during these trying times. As you may well know, we are celebrating YSI’s 10 year anniversary this year. We hope to bring the community together in a number of ways.

We want to host receptions to celebrate our anniversary in cities around the world throughout the year. Some of us are already planning receptions in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Harare, New York, and Torino (and more). We hope you can organize a few more to give an opportunity for YSI members in your town to get together. So get your town on the YSI birthday map – it should be fun and easy to set up! Go here to learn more about organizing something near you.

For the dates of YSI’s actual anniversary (13-17 April), we are organizing a get-together in Berlin. If you think you can make it, you can submit your name and information here before March 13. We can offer free (shared) hotel rooms on a first come, first serve basis.

To support those of the YSI Core members who would love to join us in Berlin and seek a travel stipend (especially from outside of Europe), we want to offer a re-run of the essay competition “what does new economic thinking mean to you?” on which YSI started. Winners of this competition will receive a travel stipend to join us in Berlin.

To join this competition you can submit a 1000 word essay on the question “what has new economic thinking meant to you?” Go here to learn more. We may open up the essay competition to the wider community later in the year. But for now we’d love to offer this window to you as YSI Core members to make it affordable for you to travel, if you are eager to do so.

We hope to make the celebrations a community-wide event with broad participation. Other ideas will be developed as well (lecture series with alumni and mentors), so if you have any, please be in touch!

We can’t wait to kick off the celebrations, and we hope you can join in! Happy birthday, and thank you for being part of our great community.

We might be getting older, but we are forever young!

Jay, Heske, and the YSI Community Board