11-12 March: Early Career Days #2

YSI Early Career Days #2

📅 When: 11-12 March 2022
👉 Register at: https://ysiproject.org/ecd2


Anna Houstecka, Atanas Pekanov, Danilo Spinola, David Colander, Goncalo Fonseca, Lyn Ossome, Alma Espino, Caroline Shenaz Hossein, Kurt Semm, Nicolás Águila, Noelia Mendez Santolaria, Paul Dudenhefer, Robert Johnson, Richard Itaman, Tinsashe Nyamunda, Yazgi Genç, and Fiona Tregenna.

With sessions on:

💥 How to survive as a non-mainstream economist, ft. David Colander
💥 How to handle mental health issues during your PhD
💥 How to build a feminist career in academia
💥 How to understand the challenges of being an African scholar
💥 How YSI member Atanas became Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria
& more!

We hope you’ll join us to share your experiences, build resources and enjoy the support of your mentors and peers.

The YSI Team