19th Century Nationalist Doctrines and the Critique of the Enlightenment

The Finance, Law and Economics working group is happy to announce the third session from The Concept of State in the History of Economic Thought webinar series, in collaboration with the States & Markets and History of Economic Thought working groups.

This third session is entitled "19th Century Nationalist Doctrines and the Critique of the Enlightenment", and it focuses on the critique developed by the German Historical School of “Cosmopolitical Economy” (as List called Quesnay´s and Smith´s doctrines). We will address some of the following questions:
-What are the pertinent points of critique to “Cosmopolitical Economy” by the German Historical School ? What were the prejudices involved?
-What is the theoretical relationship between two characteristic premises of the German Historical School: the claim of applying an “historical method” to Political Economy and the intention to constrain its subject matter to the “national economy”?
-What are the links between the German Historical School and the wider political and philosophical reactions to the Enlightenment from Historicism and Romanticism?
-In which sense is it useful and which are the risks when using the "German Historical School of economics" motto?
-What is the influence of the German Historical School on 20th century Economics?

The proposed material is available on the event link, from which it is possible to join the session that will be hosted on October 1st, 17:00 CET: https://ysd.ineteconomics.org/event/5b9e54d732a9c32edbbebce2

We look forward to seeing you online!