5th Webinar of the Seried : Digital Economy

Dear young scholars,

On the fifth session of our webinar series on the Digital Economy, we will touch on important aspects related to E-Commerce. The title of the presentation is “The Economics of Craftsmanship in the Age of E-commerce”, by Charles Wan. Charles Wan studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University and subsequently worked in commodities trading for nine years. He is currently in his second year of Masters at Johns Hopkins SAIS in Washington, D.C. Charles is interested in evolving notions of capital in digital capitalism and intends to pursue a Ph.D. doing research on this particular subject.

As a background for the discussion, he has kindly shared the article “The Surge of Chinese Craftsmanship”. http://www.sixthtone.com/news/1011/the-surge-of-chinese-craftsmanship

The webinar will take place Wednesday, September 12th, 13:30 EST (NY time) & 19:30 CET (Brussels time).
To attend the webinar, log in to the YSD and click on the following link:

Looking forward to see you online at this webinar!
The Innovation and Financial Stability Working Groups