A Conversation with Ecuadorian presidential candidate Andrés Arauz

Coming off a victory in the first round of the presidential elections in Ecuador earlier this month, Andrés Arauz, progressive economist of the UNES party and YSI member, joins us to discuss the challenges facing Ecuador and the tremendous responsiblities he may face as head of state if he assumes office. The immediate issue facing the country is the handling of the pandemic and its socio-economic consequences. Furthermore, difficult negotiations with the IMF and international creditors await. The larger questions looming for Ecuador are how to advance the country’s economic development agenda and achieve social justice in the context of a dollarized economy and a difficult geopolitical climate.

In order to understand what has shaped his perspective on these challenges we will explore André’s academic background in Post-Keynesian and Structuralist economics as well as his experience in working in Ecuador’s central bank and as part of Correa’s previous cabinet.

Andrés has been a YSI member since 2018, and some of us had the chance to meet him in the North America Convening in LA back in February 2019, where he shared his research and experience as a central banker. The second round of the presidential elections will take place on 11 April, and the winner assumes office on 24 May.

Time: Friday, February 26 2021, 17:00 (Timezone: CET)

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Kiko, Jay & Ceci