African Diaspora: Economic History Black Male Labor in the USA since 1865

NEXT WEEK! 23 May 2017

The YSI Africa Working Group will be hosting a webinar on:
African Diaspora: Economic History of Black Male Labor in the USA since 1865

This year marks the 152nd anniversary of the end of the Civil War and the complete emancipation of U.S. slaves. At their emancipation, black men in American had little human capital or personal property, and almost all lived in the relatively poor, agrarian, former states of the Confederacy. And although their position is much improved relative to 1865, black men in America continue to experience sizable labor market disadvantages relative to their white peers. How and when did black men make progress to rise “Up from Slavery”? What have been the obstacles to their progress along the way? And how do we explain their incomplete convergence today?

The webinar will be presented by Marianne Wanamaker associate professor of Economics at the University of Tennessee and Faculty Research Fellow at NBER.