African Young Scholars Workshop on Cooperatives 2020: Call for Papers

Due date: February 20th 2020
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We would like to invite young scholars from different disciplines and backgrounds, interested in cooperative research and practice to contribute to debates dedicated to searching solutions for the challenges facing the cooperative business model. We ask “How do we transform cooperatives into modern and competitive enterprises while maintaining the cooperative principles?” To address this question we organize interactive sessions and discussions around three themes; 1) Governance and inclusion in cooperatives, 2) Enablers of cooperatives in sustainable development 3) Resilient cooperative business models. Each theme will be discussed in parallel groups focusing on agricultural and non-agricultural co-operatives.

What to expect
The African Young Scholars Workshop on Cooperatives in Kenya 2020 will bring together young professionals and development practitioners from the African region to deliberate on the role of the cooperative business model in the developing economies. The event will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas amongst youth, networking among them and other professionals in the field of cooperatives and strengthen youth participation in the debates on the development of cooperatives.

The event will be opened and closed with a high plenary session focused on youth and the development of cooperatives in developing economies. These sessions will bring together all the participants, keynote speakers from the government and the non-governmental institutions.

Presenters and Presentations
There will be three invited key note speakers (senior scholars in cooperatives) who will deliver speech on the two day workshop. These scholars will give their overview on cooperatives in developing economies in plenary sessions. We will have several group discussion sessions among young scholars and one presentation sessions on research on cooperatives in the African region from selected young scholars. Each session is specifically designed to help young scholars improve their knowledge and skills through interactive workshops, brainstorming, and presentations. The contributions from each group will be presented in a loop session where each participant will have an opportunity to hear from all the groups.

Let’s network
Throughout the two day workshop, participants will have opportunities to exchange and connect with other youths and professionals with similar interests from Africa and beyond. Other networking opportunities include the workshop dinner which is likely to be held on 22nd March 2020.