After Piketty Reading Group (3rd Edition)

Join our upcoming After Piketty book discussion. This week we will discuss the chapters written by Robert Solow and Paul Krugman. Hope to see you on Thursday!

NOTE: Sorry for the short notice, but this week's webinar has been moved to Thursday, Oct. 12. We will be returning to our regular Tuesday meeting times after this session.

Session 3 of the After Piketty Webinars will be taking place online on THURSDAY October, 12th at 1pm ET. This week, we will be covering Chapter 2: Thomas Piketty is right (Robert Solow) and Chapter 3: Why we're in a new gilded age (Paul Krugman). Our presenters are Pablo Balsinde and Giacomo Gabbuti.

To login to our webinar please click on the following link or dial in using the numbers below:

For those of you who are new… The YSI Inequality Working Group has kickstarted a new webinar series this fall where we are reading and discussing the book, After Piketty (