April 2017 – Launch of three new YSI Working Groups | Upcoming Initiatives

New Working Groups

YSI is proud to announce the launch of three new working groups:

  • Sustainability
  • Behavior and Society
  • States and Markets

You may now sign up for for these groups on the Young Scholars Directory. In the upcoming weeks we will conduct organizational meetings in these groups to shape the upcoming agenda. If you are interested in these topics, we encourage you to get involved and join these meetings.

Sustainability organizational meeting: Sunday, 23 April, 12 pm ET/ 6 pm CET
To join the meeting please follow this link

Behavior and Society organizational meeting: Monday, 24 April, 9.30 am ET / 3.30 pm CET
To join the meeting please follow this link

States and Markets organizational meeting: Tuesday, 25 April, 10 am ET / 4 PM CET
To join the meeting please follow this link

Updates from the YSI Working Groups

Latin America and Economics of Innovation Working Groups
13 April, WEBINAR, Catching Up in the 21st Century: Globalization, Knowledge and Capabilities in Latin America
Speaker: Michiko Iizuka
Facebook Event here

Financial Stability Working Group
21 April, WEBINAR, Discussion of BIS paper “Functioning of repo market
11:00 am ET / 5:00 pm CET. To join, please follow this link

Africa Working Group
22 April, WORKSHOP, Rethinking Economics and Economic History in Zimbabwe: Theory and Practice
More information here

Keynesian Economics Working Group
26 April, WEBINAR, Weaknesses of Wage-led Growth
Speaker: Peter Skott (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)
1:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm (CET). To join, please follow this link

Inequality Working Group
27 April, WEBINAR, Fiscal Policy, Inequality and Poverty in Low and Middle Income Countries
Speaker: Nora Lustig (Tulane University). For more information see www.theiwg.org.

History of Economic Thought Working Group
27 April, WEBINAR, On the Gap between Economic Theory and Economic Policy Making
Speaker: Nicolas Berneman (Erasmus Institute of Philosophy & Economics); Discussant: Michel de Vroey (Economics School of Louvain)
More information here

27 April, WEBINAR, Making Science in a Complex World: Keynesian Foundations of Complexity Economics
Speaker: Emanuele Citera (University of Turin); discussant: David Colander (Middlebury College)
More information here

Gender and Economics Working Group
11 May, CONFERENCE SESSION, Women, Money and Markets Conference, London
More information here

History of Economic Thought Working Group
11 May, WEBINAR, The Intellectual Roots of Emissions Trading: Revisiting the Coase vs Pigou Debate on Social Costs
Speaker: Ricardo Coelho (University of Coimbra); discussant: Steven Medema (University of Colorado)
More information here

Economic History Working Group
12-13 May, WORKSHOP, Institutional Responses to Financial Crises Workshop, New York
Keynote speaker: Perry Mehrling
More information here

History of Thought Working Group
17 May, WORKSHOP, Methods in the History of Economic Thought, Antwerp
Speakers: Yann Giraud, Harro Maas
More information here

Africa Working Group
23 May, WEBINAR, African Diaspora-Economics of Black Male Labor in the USA
Facebook event here

Urban and Regional Economics Working Group
22-24 May, WORKSHOP, Regional Studies Association Latin America Conference, Sao Paulo
[Conference website] (http://www.regionalstudies.org/conferences/conference/latin-america-div-conf-2017)
For more information on the YSI workshop, please contact Jakob Sparn

Finance, Law, and Economics Working Group
29-30 May, WORKSHOP, Law and Finance in the Age of Politicization, Polarization, and Populism, Finance Watch, Brussels
Application Form

Philosophy of Economics and Economic Development Working Groups
6-9 June, WORKSHOP, Dimensions of Poverty Conference, Berlin
More information here

Finance, Law and Economics Working Group
9 June, WEBINAR, Central bank accountability– with a particular focus on the central bank's role of lender of last resort
Speaker: Camila Duran
11:00 am ET / 5:00 pm CET. To join, please follow this link

Inequality Working Group
12-13 June, WORKSHOP, LSE Interactive Workshop, London
Submit an abstract by 25 April here. Some tickets are available for the evening debate on June 14th with Nobel Laureate Prof. Amartya Sen.

Economics of Innovation Working Group
16-19 September, CONFERENCE, Innovation, Institutions and Governance, Tallinn
Speakers: Carlota Perez, Mary O’Sullivan, Erik S. Reinert, Dan Breznitz, William Janeway
Submit an abstract by 1 May here

History of Economic Thought and Philosophy of Economics Working Groups
28 November, WORKSHOP, Bogota, ALAPHE 2017
Apply by June 30th. More information here.

Inequality Working Group
YSI Inequality Working Group remembers Sir Tony Atkinson here.

INET statement in support of Central European University here

YSI Regional Convenings 2017

This year, YSI will host regional convenings across three continents to bring together our working groups.

1-4 June, YSI @ Trento Festival of Economics, Trento, Italy

8-9 June, Decolonizing Africa? The Economic History of Development, Bloemfontein, South Africa

17-21 June, Globalization and the Developing World @ IEA World Congress, Mexico City, Mexico