At Gender Spring Conference – Vilnius April 17-21 2017 – Call for interest

Dear all,
if you are interested in taking part to the conference, please send me TODAY a mail ([email protected]) with your short bio and a provisional title of the abstract to submit (deadline for abstract submission 14/02/2017).

I remember you that we’ll contribute to the stream about Quantitative and Qualitative methods in gender analysis.

Our session proposes a reflection about the relevance of gender in research. The main questions we approach are: Which is the main blocking factor that excludes women from leadership positions in the financial sector? How economics should include care in its models? The inclusion of care in development models could represent a way out from the global economic crises? How ethnical and sexual status relates to differences in how people are treated, the rights they are granted, and the forms of discrimination they face? Are there gender differences in the ability to migrate and in the impact of migrants on their home communities (i.e. migrants’ remittances)?

For any question, do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you in advance for the reply.
Very best!!!!