Behavior and Society WG Meeting

Dear Fellow Young Scholars,

There are new members amongst us now, so I want to repeat: the WG is online on YSD, please go and subscribe to "News" of our WG. From now on, all announcements will be done via WG News.

We will use General Discussions for daily communication, too, so subscription to General Discussions is "optional": if you feel you do not want to receive "too many" the e-mails, do not subscribe to it. But if you do not subscribe to News you will miss vital info about WG!

Before the YSD, we had a small e-mail group as members of the former Neuroscience and Behavioral Economics WG. I still post announcements there, too, but I will shut it down for good once everyone signs up to YSD.

To assure that WGs run smoothly, YSI adopted a new policy: two coordinators in each WG. This way when one coordinator is busy, the organization will not slow down. So, we now have Malte on board, he will tell you all about himself in our next meeting.

Speaking of the meeting, below is a doodle, please state your time preferences (in GMT) for May the 14th and 15th.