Call for abstracts (Deadline: January 18)

The Philosophy of Economics Working Group calls for abstracts for a YSI workshop February 10 at University of Copenhagen. The workshop is part of the conference The Economics of Post-Factual Democracy, February 9 – 10, held by Center for Information and Bubble Studies (CIBS).

Between Epistemocracy and Post-Truth Society: Providing Expertise in Democracies

When economists are perceived as a part of an untrustworthy elite and are publicly disregarded as “experts” people have “had enough of”, as was made explicit during the Brexit campaign, navigating the political environment and providing economic expertise and policy advice is an uphill battle. The current anti-economist sentiment calls for reflection on both the possible causes of this sentiment and the socio-political and historical context of scientific research on economics in general: What is the legitimate role of scientific experts and economists in contemporary democracies? But as the devil – and sometimes the solution – is in the detail, we also welcome contributions that examines more traditional questions of philosophy of economics to the extent they have impact or reflect on the question of how legitimately to provide expertise in democracies. How, for example, models are considered to relate to the real world, or which epistemic criteria for scientifically valid research results currently applied in economics, may also have considerable impact on the question of the current and future role of economists and policy advice.

Selected presenters will receive a travel stipend of EUR 75 and they will have their accommodation provided by YSI.

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