CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Webinars on What Money Can’t Buy with Michael Sandel

To mark the release of INET’s “What Money Can’t Buy” with professor Michael Sandel, the YSI Philosophy of Economics working group invites young scholars working on issues related to the core issues in Michael Sandel’s lectures to present their work in a series of webinars. Professor Sandel will join the webinars to answer questions about the topics raised in his book, the video lectures and to give comment on the presentations.

We invite young scholars to submit work which discusses a specific passage or example from the book and/or video lectures and relates it to a scholarly debate or issue in the philosophy of economics literature, such as:

  • The Proliferation of Market Reasoning
  • Moral Limits of Markets
  • Methodological Assumptions of Welfare Economics
  • Consequences of Commodification
  • Normative Interpretations of Economic Efficiency and Marginal Productivity Theory.
  • Evaluation and/or Justification of Market Outcomes and Arguments for Market Intervention
  • The Relevance of Individual Preferences in Normative Evaluation, Preference Formation or Morally Illegitimate Preferences

In each of six webinars taking place in the summer and fall of 2018 we will:

  • Watch one of the “What Money Can’t Buy” Sandel video lecture episodes
  • Listen to 1-2 young scholar presentations on topics related to the video lectures
  • Commentary and Q&A by professor Michael Sandel

If you wish to participate, please submit an abstract before June 3rd.

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