Call for Abstracts – YSI@ 3rd International Workshop on Demand-led Growth

The Third International Workshop on Demand-led Growth: "Stagnation Theories and Stagnation Policies" will be placed at Arena Hotel in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro on July 15-16, 2020.

The Young Scholar Initiative is supporting a Pre-Workshop on July 13-14 that will be devoted to the presentation of papers from young scholars. The event will be held at the Institute of Economics building, in UFRJ’s Praia Vermelha Campus, and will bring together scholars from around the world plus several PhD students from UFRJ and other universities in Brazil.

During the two full-days of YSI pre-workshop, it is expected to be presented 16 papers from Young Scholars and the participation of the invited speakers, as well as the professors from UFRJ. YSI workshop participants are also invited to the Third International Workshop on Demand-led Growth.

Articles that broadly fall within the following topics are welcome:

The debate on secular stagnation: causes, implications and the way ahead;
Functional Finance and Modern Monetary Theory: implications for monetary and fiscal policies;
The limits of monetary policy;
Fiscal austerity and its effects on growth and employment;
The role of macroeconomic policies in demand-led growth;
Macroeconomic policies, personal and functional income distribution;
Financial system, Indebtedness, Bubbles and autonomous demand.
Demand-led growth: theoretical and empirical studies;
Political economy and comparative development experiences: theoretical and empirical studies.
Papers must be written in English and contain title, short abstract (maximum 200 words), author's name, institutional affiliation and email address.
We recommend submitted papers to have a maximum number of 8000 words.

How to Attend
Young Scholars with an interest in the topic is encouraged to apply. In your application, please fill the form selecting the young scholars option (MA or PhD student, Post-doctoral researcher or up-to-3 years PhD degree holder) attaching your paper and a brief motivation for funding.

Link to the submission form:

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