Call for an organizer / organizing committee / Join the coordination team!

Hello all together!

We had questions coming in, so therefore I will here explain a bit more about the role and tasks of the organizer(s):

The organizer(s) (either as a single person or in a team – we prefer the latter) main responsibility for 2018 will be to plan our working group activity for Trento, where the YSI Europe Convening will take place in 2018 (End May/ Beginning June).

This includes to prepare a call for papers, select the papers/participants (together with the coordinators), email with them, manage the budget for travel stipends (with the help of the coordinators), moderate the working group event.

So, I think the work will start on mid march with a call for papers and I assume that with 2-3 hours peer week it should be fine. Actually, there will not be constant work, the work will be more for the call for papers, selection of papers, and then preparing the moderation and budget for the event, moderate a session of 1-2 hours in Trento, building a team spirit within in the Working Group in Trento through active care taking of the members, make them feel welcome, helping them in getting to know each other, encourage them to think how they can make together in the future projects within the working group or at their own university.

Preferably, their will be 2 or 3 organizers, so you can work together and share the tasks. If you liked the experience and we see that you suit the team, we would be happy to have a longer commitment in the coordination team of the working group!

Many hugs,

Holly & Esther