Call for applications for the Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Forum!

Hi everyone,
On behalf of the Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Network (ICRN) I wanted to inform you about a call for applications for the Seventh edition of the ICRN Forum. The Forum will take place on 15- 17th June, 2023, at the Department of Political Science of the University of Barcelona, Spain.

The Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Forum aims to bring together international early career researchers from all disciplines (including, but not limited to, economics, psychology, anthropology, history, law, political science, sociology) working on the topics related to corruption, anti-corruption, open government, and integrity to present their current research, discuss working papers and initiate collaborative research projects. Forming a thematic network of early career researchers is key to Forum activities.

The Forum provides a platform to discuss research at three stages of work: work in progress, advanced/finalised research projects, as well as co-creations sessions to find other scholars who share their research interests and initiate new projects. The Forum aims to bridge the gap between academia and the policy sphere, and as such, will also host a panel debate between scholars and practitioners. The panel will be open to the public.

ICRN welcomes theoretical and empirical contributions on the topics of corruption, ethics/ integrity, open government, and anti-corruption initiatives at the local, national and international contexts. Contributions on formal and informal institutions, the role of elites, new technologies, and international organizations are particularly encouraged.

ICRN warmly invite applications from all disciplines to apply by February 1, 2023. In your application, please indicate whether you would like to present your research results, work in progress or co-creation. Notification of acceptance will be sent out in early March, 2023.

You can find more about the call here and apply here.