Call for Ideas: YSI-EAEPE SPECIAL SESSION “BREAKING THE WALLS” at the 31st Annual EAEPE Conference, 12-15 September 2019, Warsaw, Poland

Join us in Warsaw to discuss the ‘walls’ of today and how to break them with Smita Srinivas (Open University UK and University College London) and Slavo Radošević (University College London)

The Economics of Innovation, States and Markets and Keynesian Economics Working Groups of the INET/YSI and EAEPE are jointly organizing for the first time a special session during the main EAEPE Conference 2019. The purpose of this special session is to discuss politically and economically relevant problems from an interdisciplinary approach. This special session also aims to further facilitate the dialogue between younger and senior scholars by organizing a session that allows a truly interactive debate over the topics submitted for discussion through this open call.

We seek proposals from young scholars (up to 10 years since completion of PhD) that identify, describe and elaborate on an existing barrier or problem in our societies. The theme of our special session is related to the main theme of the Conference: “30 years after the fall of the Berlin wall – What happened to Europe/Where does Europe stand today? What is new in economics?”. Our special session is centered over the idea of ‘walls’ as a key metaphor for path dependency and persistent barriers across European (but not exclusively) cultural, socio-economic and political spaces and beyond. As it reads from the main conference theme, the remaining invisible wall between Eastern and Western Europe is not the only wall that we should break. We aim to explore many more walls: between North and South, East and West mindset –across the world and not only within Europe-, walls between disciplines, between streams of thought, between real and financial economy, etc. We see these issues as problematic and complex, yet very relevant to ongoing academic discussions within the EU and beyond – especially in the current context of many governments worldwide returning to nationalist, at times radical right, political and economic rhetoric and practices. We invite researchers to submit their own ideas for discussion and to contribute to a fruitful and lively debate in Warsaw.

Session format: Up to 6 topics for discussion will be selected based on quality of proposals. Selected scholars will introduce a ‘wall’ and propose ways of how to break it in a 5 minutes pitch. Comments from two invited senior scholars (Slavo Radošević, from University College London and Smita Srinivas, from The Open University UK and University College London) will follow before the floor is open for a wider discussion with the audience.

Application: Deadline for submissions is June 20. The proposal must consist of a short essay (400-600 words) clearly stating the wall to be discussed, its importance (e. g. how it relates to political economy, policy issues, or the economic discipline, etc.) and a reflection on how (if possible) to break it. Selection will be announced before June 25 giving participants -who at that time are not registered for the conference- the time to do so before July 1.

Financial support: 6 young scholars whose proposals will be selected will be granted travel support (115 EUR). In addition, up to 6 young scholars whose proposals will be equality strong will be granted conference fee waiver (90 EUR).


Organizers: Olga Mikheeva, Ana Bottega, Merve Burnazoglu, Cecilia Rikap, and Ayoze Alfageme.

Contact: [email protected].