Call for Papers: 13th Young Economists Conference on September 26 and 27

The YSI / POLECON WG is co-organizing an annual Young Economists Conference (YEC) together with the Chamber of Labor Vienna, the Chamber of Labor Upper Austria, and the Society for Pluralism in Economics Vienna.
The 13th YEC will take place on September 26 and 27, 2024 in Vienna, Austria. 
This year’s YEC fosters debates on the dynamics and inequalities of labor, current realities as well as proposals for future changes. A thorough and multi-disciplinary analysis can provide a realistic understanding of the economy and the groundwork for necessary change.
YSI will host a pre-conference program. YSI normally use this slot to address economic development challenges for the Global South.
This is the CfP
YSI will cover 10 travel stipends for the researchers coming from the Global South and the accommodation is free.