Call for papers-Annual Conference in Memory of Valeria Solesin Trento 29-01

Conference in Memory of Valeria Solesin Paper submission and Best paper prize entitled to Valeria Solesin

Please apply for the Annual Conference in Memory of Valeria Solesin Trento 29-01-2018

This one-day conference provides an opportunity for presentations and discussions on recent developments in
the fields of Demography, Economics, and Sociology as described below. Contributions to the conference can
be either theoretical, empirical or policy oriented. Contributions addressing the following specific topics will be
particularly welcome:
• Gender inequalities
• The role of women in the labour market and in society
• Welfare policies targeted to the labour supply of women and fertility decisions
• Marriage, family and sexuality.
Young scholars, such as PhD students and post-docs, are encouraged to apply.

Completed papers should be submitted by e-mail to equità[email protected] by 12th November 2017.