Dear Young Scholars,
The Economics of Innovation and Keynesian Economics Working Groups are utterly delighted to invite you to join us at the INET/YSI Pre-conference at STOREP which will take place on 25-27 June, 2019 in Siena (Italy).

In a context of protectionism, economic nationalism, rising inequality, and climate change, new economic proposals, as the Green New Deal in the US, are being advanced. Last december Euro Summit seeked to move forward key reforms of the European Monetary Union and, moreover, 2019 is European Union election year. Against this background of major political and economic changes, we ask: how to strength the economics of European Union and the Eurozone? Is a Green New Deal possible in Europe? Is it desirable?

Thus we encourage contributions related (but not limited) to the following topics:
• Keynesian fiscal stimulus, both in theoretical terms (demand-led growth models, “Keynes meeting Schumpeter” AB models) and empirical ones (fiscal multipliers, the role of monetary policy, etc.);
• Conventional and unconventional monetary policies and European banking union: financial and cross country instability, redistributional and developmental effects.
• The political economy of Europe, particularly as regards the role of European institutions (e.g. the ECB) in the policy development and implementation process;
• Innovation, focusing on the qualitative development of European economies toward sustainability and potential supporting policies.

About the Working Groups
Economics of Innovation Working Group
The Innovation Working Group views innovation as being central to the process of economic development and growth. The Working Group aims to study how economic actors, policies, technology and market conditions interact and evolve over time.

Keynesian Economics Working Group
A Keynesian approach to economics supposes that output and employment growth of capitalist economies are constrained by aggregate demand. The Keynesian Working Group provides insightful discussions on how the Keynesian framework can help us to deal with the current depressed state of most economies.

How to Apply
Young scholars can apply to one or two of the above calls for abstracts. If selected, you will be invited to present their work. Selections will be made based on merit.

Selected applicants will be offered

  • A travel stipend of up to $150
  • Accommodation in Siena, to be shared with one other young scholar of the same sex.
  • Attendance to full pre-conference program, including INET’s Mini Courses, and two sessions organized by Rethinking Economics.

Submit your Abstract here

Deadline: April 26

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]