Call for Papers!!! Rethinking the State in the 21st century

Rethinking the State in the 21st century

When? April 23-25, 2019
Where? University College London, UK.

Countries around the world are increasingly facing societal challenges, such as growing inequality, climate change, and aging populations. Contemporary challenges require the existence of 21st century States acting as a crucial partner for innovation and structural change. Mission-oriented policies have the power to steer economic growth towards a more sustainable and innovation-friendly paradigm. The 21st century State should be about co-creating and co-shaping markets, rather simply fixing them. This would require thinking about the capabilities of the public sector, and how to evaluate the economic and social role of the State in a dynamic way, outside of the narrow focus of cost-benefit analysis.

This proposed YSI event, to be hosted at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, has the purpose of rethinking the economic role of the State in 21st-century capitalism. Keynote speeches will be given by leading global academics and policymakers in the fields of economics of innovation, industrial policy, macroeconomic policy and economic sociology.

Confirmed speakers include: Mariana Mazzucato, Carlota Perez, Bill Janeway and more.

Young scholars are invited to submit their papers, according to four different areas:
1) Redefining and evaluating the public sector
2) Creating public value and public purpose
3) Assessing and delivering mission-oriented policies
4) Public ownership of banks and enterprises

Accepted presenters will have the opportunity to present research findings to prominent researchers in the field who act as mentors to young scholars in the session.

There are limited travel and accommodation funding based on individual applications.

DEADLINE: By 12 noon GMT, March 1st, 2019.

Submit your abstract here: